April 2022

The Second exciting new product that ENA in Malaysia is offering to Horse Owners & Carers from Spectrum Animal Health, Australia is ULCER RELEASE.
A specially formulated gel designed to assist in the maintenance of digestive health preventing & soothing ulcers in horses and to stimulate gut bacteria responsible for digestion & nutrient absorption.

Ulcer Release Gel for prevention of Ulcers in horses, post treatment of recovery, lining the gut and regulating a stable pH
1kg = 1000ml
Initial intensive treatment course 50ml @twice per day AM & PM for 10 days

Then at discretion maintenance (if required) 25ml @twice per day AM & PM for 20 days.

If over 50% & up to 90% of horses especially Performance, Sport & Race have Gastric Ulcers ? Ulcer Release Gel is an all-natural course of treatment.