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Lunging Equipment & Training Aids

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Picture 1: Examples of Lunging Equipment & Lunging Aids


The right ground work accessories

Ground work can be used specifically to build up the horse’s muscles. In addition, ground work exercises with horses teach balance and concentration. The basis of all exercises is mutual trust, safety and respect. The best way to practise this is from the ground. Body language and the right accessories are crucial. Only with the right ground work accessories can you work safely and efficiently from the ground. Ground work is a broad term, it includes all activities where the human communicates with the horse from the ground. Accordingly, there are many different types of ground work, such as gymnastic ground work with poles, classical lunging, trailer loading training with the horse, circle training, composure training, to name but a few.

Ground work with horses to build trust

Traditionally, ground work with horses has been focused on riding. However, ground work has now become a popular type of training lesson. Daily contact from the ground forms the basis for training in the saddle. Ground work with young horses in particular, as a component of basic training, provides an excellent approach to developing mutual trust and introducing the young horse to humans. Experienced horses, seniors or horses with health problems can also benefit. With the right ground work tips, for example, lessons such as shoulder-in and other side gaits can be practised with the horse, and the horse’s hindquarters can also be trained specifically through ground work. Other exercises can also be used to strengthen the horse’s back muscles through ground work. It is important to always have the right equipment for ground work at hand.

Basic equipment for ground work with the horse

Depending on the type of ground work, different accessories are needed. However, there are certain basics that are almost always used. These include a Cavesson or a rope halter, a lunge line or lunge rope, as well as a suitable whip: usually a bow top whip is used for ground work. Therefore, it doesn’t take much at all to put together the most important groundwork accessories.

Correct lunging with auxiliary reins and lunging accessories

The basis for correct lunging is communication between the horse and the lunge master. Targeted ground work exercises before the actual lunging are a good idea. Correct lunging also requires time and concentration. The correct lunging equipment, according to the level of training of horse and rider, is also indispensable. Correct lunging with the goal of the horse confidently stretching towards the bit in all three gaits and arching its back is therefore only possible with the right lunging equipment and suitable auxiliary reins.
Lunging equipment is divided into equipment for the lunge master and equipment for the horse. With the right lunging accessories and correctly applied auxiliary reins, the horse’s muscle development will be excellently promoted during lunging. In particular, correct lunging strengthens the horse’s back muscles.

Lunging accessories for the lunge leader

For lunging, the lunge leader needs a sufficiently lunge line & double lunge. It should lie well in the hand and offer sufficient support. At one end of the lunge line there is a simple hand loop, which prevents the lunge line from being pulled completely out of the hand. The other end of the lunge line has a carabiner or a clip with which the lunge line can be securely fastened to the bit ring or the cavesson. The lunging whip serves as a thigh substitute and thus as a driving aid. The ideal lunging whip is exactly long enough so that the horse can still be touched lightly with the lash of the whip. It is also light and has a good grip. For safety reasons, gloves are an absolute must when lunging properly, and it is also important to wear suitable footwear to ensure a secure footing.

Lunging accessories for horses

The lunging equipment of the horse is more complex and depends not only on the goal of lunging but primarily on the training level of the horse. The basic lunging equipment for horses includes good leg protection & hoof protection. Since some horses like to show off on the lunge line, horse boots and over reach boots are recommended, but bandages are also often used to protect the legs. For lunging you can either use a cavesson or the normal bridle. Depending on the level of training and the training goal, lunging with a bridle or lunging with a cavesson can be used. It is always important to make sure that all lunging aids are correctly buckled and positioned. In addition, make sure that the bit is suitable, as not all bits are suitable for lunging. A proper lunging girth and a good lunging rug are also part of the lunging equipment, but lunging can also be done with a saddle. Depending on the horse’s level of training and the goal of the lunging work, various auxiliary reins are also part of the horse’s lunging equipment. The most commonly used are running reins & draw reins, as well as binders and side reins.

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Original Source: https://www.horze.eu/lunging-equipment-training-aids


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