November 2023

Carriage Riding Equipment



When you are into carriage driving, you are obviously in need acquire the right equipment. Ideal Equestrian, located in The Netherlands, is the supplier for you. Whether you are a recreational carriage driver or a competitive driver, we have the equipment you need.

Carriage driving equipment, by drivers for drivers

Carriage driving, a form of competitive or recreational horse driving in harness in which larger two or four wheeled carriages are pulled by a single horse, a pair, tandem or a four-in-hand team. Evidently, carriage driving requires strong equipment. At Ideal Equestrian we are constantly evolved in the world of carriage driving. As a result, we recognize the high demands for carriage driving equipment and thus maintain a high standard for the quality of our products. In addition, we develop our carriage driving equipment in collaboration with national and international drivers. Correspondingly, all of our products are designed to increase performance and satisfaction while driving.



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