Mare & Foal

The Ultimate Nutrition for all your Equine Breeding Stock.

The simple solution for Feeding all types of Breeding Horses in your care.

Contains Steam Extruded Rice Bran, Protein Meals and is Fortified with a scientifically balanced vitamin and mineral pre-mix.

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MARE & FOAL is a pressure cooked, steam extruded, highly digestible feed and is manufactured from premium quality stabilized rice bran.Contains an imported vitamin and mineral premix to support balanced growth via its amino-acid profile in the lactating and pregnant mare. Nourishes and develops the healthy growth and strong development development of your young stock.

ENA’s unique steam extrusion manufacturing process increases the digestibility to over 90% in the small intestine, reducing the risk of colic and digestive upset. Acid build up related to traditional raw grain feeding is considerably reduced.


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and critical for the correct development of bone and muscle in the growing horse during pregnancy and after foaling. Mare & Foal contains a “horse perfect” amino-acid profile to help your youngstock achieve its full growth potential.


Mare & Foal is manufactured from premium quality rice bran, which contains ferulic acid, a natural anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants play an important role in the protection of cell membranes from damage that may occur during strenuous exercise


Provides for slow release, safe, cool energy.