Anna scott

I have been using ENA Racing Mix for over 12+ months-Previously I used one of the leading commercial brands and was very happy with it but because of the economies of scale and the lower scale of prize money and training fees in Malaysia I needed to look for a suitable alternative.

I do my own feeds and Yes I did try a few out before I settled on the ENA Racing Mix

It is extremely palatable which in hot humid climates is quite important-Horses trained and exercised in constant heat tend to eat a bit less in volume because of the stress they are under-The training tracks are not opened early so the early part of the day cooler window is not an option in most cases for training like in most of the overseas training centres.

From the very first day I decided to switch over to the ENA Racing Mix I have been extremely happy with the results

In 2016 we had 35 winners in total for the racing season with the best winning strike rate of 13.8% and finished 6th overall on the trainers list. At present in 2017 my stable has had 11 winners and 16 placings in the first two months of the new racing season and am in third position with a 20.8% win strike rate. I am very lucky to have found ENA Racing Mix as it ticks all the boxes and meets all my criteria – Affordable Complete Practical User Friendly Palatable.

My horses eat well all the time Look exceptionally good in condition And Back Up well with quick recovery time from race to race. I couldn’t be happier with ENA Racing Mix and am only too pleased to Highly Recommend it.