Kevin Coetzee

To whom it may concern

For Horse Feed Users out there in the Thoroughbred World I can highly recommend the ENA Racing Mix. I have been using this product over the past racing season and have enjoyed continued success.

In 2017 my stable has 9 winners 10 placings and we currently lie 1st on the trainers list in Ipoh and 4th on the Malaysian MRA trainers rankings – We have 20 horses in work and our winning strike rate is 19.1%.

My horses race on average twice a month, they look well, perform and recover as I want them too. I am very happy to recommend this feed.


The ENA Supa Salts Electrolyte that my stable uses is perfect for the hot humid conditions that we train and race under here in Malaysia.

For Electrolyte Replacement this Salt and Isotonic mix keeps the horses recharged and revitalized so they can perform at their best.

Kevin Coetzee

Kaychee Racing Stable