April 2023

Majlis Ekuin Malaysia (MEM) HQ located at MAEPS, Serdang on Friday, 31st March invited ENA representatives Mr. Gavin Kenna (Executive Director) (middle), Mr. Greg McLaren (Marketing Manager) (6th from left) & Mr. Kenny Kok (Assistant Manager – HQ Operations & Production) (5th from left) to attend a special gathering of MEM board members, EAM representatives & LTM dignitaries.

ENA was presented with a special memento plaque by YBhg.Dato’ Dr. Quaza Nizamuddin bin Hassan Nizam – For recognition of its Accomplishment.

In achieving SIRIM Certificate ISO22000:2018 for our Horse Feed manufacturing facility in Kedah, Malaysia, MEM has officially recognized ENA’s contribution to the Malaysian Equine Industry.

This prestigious SIRIM certification is a testament to ENA’s unwavering commitment to food safety management within the Malaysian Equine Industry.
This ensures that our feed products are of the highest quality & genuinely safe for consumption by horses.