The ultimate nutritious cubes for all horses and breeds for stables all over the world.

ENA has its headquarters in Gopeng, Perak but in Alor Star, Kedah, the heart of the "Malaysian Rice Bowl" lies its manufacturing facility. Here it utilizes Rice Bran, the thin brown layer of individual rice kernels located underneath the hull or outer shell. Stabilizing (Extruding and Cooking with Heat) it into a healthy nutritious Cube (Pellet or Nugget) for all types of horses and breeds for stables all over the World.


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We have a full range of equine feeds to suit all horse disciplines from active to specialty (cubes, pellets, muesli mixes, specialty add-ins)


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April 2023

Majlis Ekuin Malaysia (MEM) HQ located at MAEPS, Serdang on Friday, 31st March invited ENA representatives Mr. Gavin Kenna (Executive […]

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