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ENA has its headquarters in Gopeng – Perak but in Alor Setar Kedah, the heart of the “Malaysian Rice Bowl” lies its manufacturing facility. Here it utilizes Rice Bran, the thin brown layer of individual rice kernels located underneath the hull or outer shell. Stabilizing (Extruding and Cooking with Heat) it into a healthy nutritious Cube (Pellet or Nugget) for all types of horses and breeds for Stables all over the World. With extrusion technology (steam heat processing), this breaks down the structure of the Rice Bran thereby increasing the digestibility and availability of nutrients to the horse. The Fats (Oils) become more available for absorption, fulfills the fatty acid requirements.

The Ultimate Equine Health Food

Stabilized Rice Bran feeds for Horses are recognized world-wide now for their healthy attributes and benefits. They are extremely safe to use, are high in B-group vitamins particularly Thiamin, Riboflavin and Niacin, rich in Vitamin E, Potassium and Magnesium and contains the potent anti-oxidant Gamma-Oryzanol, also renowned for its natural muscle building properties. Rice Bran compounds have been found to have Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Hypertensive properties as well.

The benefits of fats (oils) in equine diets using Stabilized Rice Bran is now well documented and adding it to horses rations has conclusively shown to be very effective as a safe and efficient way of delivering the energy they need. Cool energy leads to your horse being more manageable and less excitable. High quality digestible protein ensures efficient feed utilization. Hypoallergenic ensures less gastro-intestinal problems. Excellent oil profile, high in unsaturated fats provides healthy coats and skin bloom. Low in starch and glycemic index (GI) means you have less impact on blood sugars enabling longer lasting energy and sustained performance.

As far as equine health goes, the Stabilized Rice Bran Equine Feed Revolution rolls on with ENA taking these products around the world. Our range of formulations are tailored specifically for all types of uses whether it be Competition, Racing and Breeding. Exports go to Singapore, Macau, Korea, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Oman and even into Europe as far away as Sweden along with the Southern Hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand. ENA’s exported products are fully audited and compliant to the most stringent standards of the Australian government and are currently monitored by DAWR, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

DAWR monitors imported food security and has in place considerable bio-security import conditions and protocols which guarantees our products have the highest standards of quality control and production processing. All of ENA’s raw materials and finished products are monitored regularly by our in-house laboratory and backed up by the internationally ISO certified DXN laboratory in Kedah and Dairy One laboratory in New York USA. By having the assurance that your horse feed is manufactured at an Equine Only Feed Facility, you can rest assured that ENA puts your horse’s health as a priority with its manufacturing mandate. Stabilized Rice Bran Products from ENA look certain to play an important long-term role in Equine Nutrition All Over The World and Truly the Feeds manufactured here in Malaysia by ENA are a Global Super Health Food for All Types and Breeds of Horses.