Nutrition Facts

  1. Become the ONLY DEDICATED RICE BASED HORSE FEEDMILL IN ASIA to expound the benefits of using Rice Bran Extract
  • Rice extract products are known to be a source of cool controllable energy as compared to cereal grains. It contains an abundance of natural gamma oryanol (MUSCLE BUILDING PROPERTIES) with high levels of anti-oxidants and several forms of Vit E.
  • To extract and stabilize the natural goodness of Rice Bran worldwide expertise has been secured to formulated a range of different products suitable for all types of equestrian disciplines such as showjumping, eventing and endurance,
  • We have continually taken steps to improve Quality Control and Procurement of Superior Rice Bran from reputable mills in the production of its Full Range so as to cater for international markets.
  • Added levels of imported chelated minerals and vitamins in every kg of Rice Bran to produce Top Quality supreme products.
  • Extract the Increased levels of gamma oryzanol (natural body builder/anti-oxidant) into every bag of feed.
  • Products will be manufactured in a safe, clean and uncontaminated environment, enabling maximum Digestibility and Nutritive Value to be presented.
  • The starches, proteins and oils of the finished products are cooked by using this manufacturing process to improve both digestibility and palatability and more importantly, the vital nutrients are not destroyed.
  • Being steam extruded, the product is consumed more slowly than either unprocessed or pelleted feeds. This will reduce gastro-intestinal problems commonly associated with unprocessed feeds.




Dr John B Walker BVSc

Effective diets are efficient.

In other words, effective diets give the maximum nutritional benefits with the minimum production of harmful by-products (such as heat and lactic acid)

The aim of effective diet is to maximise the available fuel in the muscle cell which will then enable maximum performance efficiency.

The Glycaemic Index (GI) of food has received a lot of attention lately in the popular press.

Put simply, a high GI diet is one in which the blood sugar goes up fast and then goes down fast. Horses eating such diets experience a “sugar high” that can’t be sustained. Then they experience a “sugar deficit” that causes lethargy and a loss of performance.

Low GI feeds have, in contrast, a slow and sustained rise in blood sugar and are, therefore, more conducive to sustained athletic performance.

Oil has a low GI. Rice bran also has a low GI.

Corn and Oats both have a higher GI.

Diets with a total oil content of 10% or more have been proven to produce less body heat, less body water loss and less gut ballast, not to mention a more sustained performance efficiency.

Therefore a diet containing rice bran and oil is more energy dense and produce less harmful by-products.

In order for muscles to work well, they not only have to work efficiently, they have to be big. Consumption of a diet that includes all of the essential and non-essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) is central to muscle cell size.

As performance horse trainers/ owners we should be aiming for low body fat / high muscle mass. To achieve this we need to have a diet that achieves the following:

  1. It must be highly digestible
  2. It must provide all of the essential amino acids at adequate levels.
  3. It must have a low GI

Furthermore, in horse susceptible to ‘tying up’, lactic acid production must be minimised. Rice based feeds have been shown to contain up tp 2 ½ times less starch than grain-based diets which makes them more likely to prevent tying-up. Low starch diets are also less likely to contribute to gastric ulceration.

There are other benefits of feeding a prepared, rice based feed such as STABILIZED RICE BRAN including no exposure to dust, hi selenium content (a powerful antioxidant) and a totally balanced vitamin and mineral profile.

At high level of performance, oxygen consumption is at its maximum. Unless we feed an efficient diet, this massive consumption of oxygen can have negative effects on performance in the both the short and long terms due to the production of ‘oxygen free radicals’. These by-products of high intensity exercise definitely affect performance but can be minimised by feeding a supplement high in selenium and vitamin E. The damage to red cells and muscle cells that would otherwise occur at high levels of exercise intensity can be dramatically reduced by feeding STABILIZED RICE BRAN to your performance horses.