Frank Maynard

Our stable has been using the ENA Racing Mix for well over 18 months.

Currently we are equal first on the Malayan Racing Associations (MRA) training premiership standings with 12 winners for the season so far with a 16.2% winning strike rate.

Last year we finished 5th overall with 38 winners and an 11.6% winning strike rate but we reduced our average numbers in training throughout this year to concentrate more on quality with our reliable staunch owner base.

We did win 3 out of the 4 Group Ones on the MRA Calendar in 2016.

I am always looking for that winning edge with my team and I find Racing Mix with its blend of rolled grains, extruded rice bran pellets, vitamins, minerals, salts and molasses to provide cost effective, extremely palatable and highly digestible feed that keeps my horses looking well in condition.

ENA Racing Mix keeps my horses happy and performing very well all year round.

These past 6 months the stable has been using Conditioning Mix as an important “fill-in” type feed where the horses don’t need to lose condition but have the benefits of a cooler type diet.

We don’t want to compromise their health nutritionally but we just want to maintain them in between races or from when they are recovering from an injury or there are not suitable races on for them.

The horses really like it – I don’t have to add any lucerne chaff – I achieve the results I am looking for with their condition and temperament